BagOfChipsI found an alternate universe Granny!! ; v ;
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kimmi   "nothing to see here!!" lmaooo...
BagOfChipsFound this really large gobby * O *
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Revi   Did you throw pokeball?
BagOfChips   I couldn't Q ~ Q
It disappeared
Rady So the boss bugged out for no reason, and went on a coffee break. But hey, SB down!
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Revi   /reported
Rady   rebi pls QQ
BagOfChips   2 OP 4 me ' x'
platedcassava Abloo Abloo
Granny Smith   I will die with you, Plate!
BagOfChips   Poor Plattur Q ~ Q
Juub   i wana go with plattur TOT
Nerg Rady is a loser :sick:
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kimmi   missed out on our amazing drops... tsk.
BagOfChips   Wao guise best loot ever ; v ;
Rady That moment when Robowl forgot to rune initiative.
Nerg   click ctrl + t, kkthx
Rady   no
kimmi   to be fair, it looks less intimidating when it's in tactical mode *U*
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