Rady Hey all, so Cloudflare ended up getting hacked and leaked passwords and possibly emails for a massive multitude of apps and websites; Discord being one of them. It's highly recommended you change your passwords on not only anything that used Cloudflare as the security system, but just in general!
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Rady   [link]
here's an article that explains it better than I do and also here's a link to a list of sites that used Cloudflare:
Kewkky   Thanks for the info, changing it atm
Doctor Nefarious Doc on Guard Duty
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  There seems to be a spec of dirt on the ground.
Count ZetaSo were the Discord link?
LeskyaAll the Wakfu packs are 50% off on Steam for the 5 year anniversary.
Rezial Dexer   created a new thread My journey so far (not counting the nov 2nd when thi... in the General Discussion forum
Rezial Dexeromg wth is with the forum now, its so disgusting looking ugh.
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Rezial Dexer   forum being wakfus btw no tthis one XD
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