Granny Smith5% drops are awesome! :)
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Mug   Is hardcore vamp hard? Wonder if I can solo it with my mm army :d
Granny Smith   Hardcore isn't implemented yet as far as I know!
Mug   Looks like a good place to farm the mats I am missing :)
Rat moustaches.... "orz
MugOh, keep being reroute to Wakfu Asia website and forums...
Mug   Well, California IS an Asia country, what are you talking about. Look around and count the number of black hair people D:{ Bad Thirio, review your geography!

Jokes aside, can you give me the forums url? I used the "most visited" link on Chrome for forums and kept being redirected to Wakfu Asia orz
Thirio   [link] If that doesn't work, it sounds like people have been getting around it by using the Hola extension. [link] I really hope they just fix it soon, though!
Mug   The link worked. Thanks a lot Herio
Leskya[link] For funsies..... if ya like Weird Al.
Weird Al rants about the Illuminati in parody of Lorde's 'Ro...
Weird Al is getting a bit weirder for day three in the eight days of music video releases to promote his new album, Mandatory Fun. This third parody is of Lorde's breakout single "...
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Thirio   [link] There's the YouTube link if anybody just wants to see the video directly. O:
Thirio   But that was great! :d I love it.
LeskyaAlso a little above the osa changes there were slight changes to some of the Shushu crafts!

There have been small changes on these weapons. Here are the new features. Martus Shushu: +1 AP +1 Control POS +220 +35 Dodge +4% of Critical Hits +80% Damage +40% Damage CMC Resist +10%. A small up 10% CMC makes it interesting weapon for any player sitting partially on its invocations. Tigus Shushu: +1 AP +1 range +60 POS +40% Damage It was a bit frail, those few extra POS are welcome. Arcus Shushu: +1 AP +1 range +235 POS 5% of Critical Hits +80% Damage . Resist +12% Arcus recovered the characteristics of excavatus, which are more suitable. excavatus Shushu : 1 PM 180 POS INI +30 Dodge +40 % +6 to Critical Hits +110% Damage We took the opportunity to make a version excavatus PM weapon with more damage, assault reviews, with a non-negligible initiative bonuses and dodge. Note that these weapons are not "direct" changes legendary level 100 weapons, even if they craftent from them. This is the case for many other objects and particularly the previous Shushu objects. So these weapons have their own characteristics and potentially different from the legendary weapons level 100 interest; this is normal and desired. Also take into account that most of the weapons level 100 that you compare are well above their actual level characteristics. For example, the upper Hybon has the characteristics of a weapon lvl 130, and most of the others have the characteristics of weapons around lvl 110-115. We could not continue in this way and these weapons so strictly observe the maximum features available for their level.
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Thirio This scares me! D: Needs more explanation.
Thirio   Dy7: It's simple...First of all, the Osamodas also has utility for its summons such as healing that's dependent on damage mastery. Secondly, and most importantly, it is not enough to rely solely on summons to do damage. This is how we want Osas to be taken on: it is not tactically interesting to just watch summons play through their turns, the Osamodas has spells to help do damage that are often in AoEs, allowing the Osa to do damage while boosting its summons.
Thirio   That was the best I could do to un-Googlify the post. D:
Mug   This is exactly how I played my summon osa before all the hypes about CMC damage D:/
MugLegendary items recipes: The amount of ingredients in these level 100 recipes and requiring a Craft Seal will be divided by 3.

Well... they did it before i finish preparing for some crafts...
but already piled up a huge bunch for some of them (monkey wand)

Not sure if i should be happy or not any more *crais*
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