Revi New code! skankhivin2015
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Granny Smith   Bontarian Umbrella emote! :sick: It took them long enough to release these!
Boogies [link]
Swedish Chef - Rapper's Delight Karaoke
From The Muppets S01E04
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Boogies   I hate the new Muppet show because they're doing it like a reality tv show.. but this is too good!
Boogies Dofus is officially getting a new class: Huppermage! So likely, we'll be getting the same! But maybe ankama will be sneaky and give us Ouginaks or Truck Drivers! xD Also, there is a new contest on wakfu website! Make a button! Good luck [link]
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platedcassava   Lol are you sure its not another dofus class troll
Boogies   [link] BOOM!
Granny Smith   TRUCK DRIVER CLASS! Casting spells over a CB!
Granny Smith From Saturday the 14th of November (0:01 AM server time) until Sunday the 15th of November (11:59 PM server time), Enjoy a +50% Combat +50% Kama bonuses in the following dungeons:

Kanniball Dungeon (LV 174)
Tropike Dungeon (LV 172)
Blackspore Dungeon “normal and hardcore” (LV 128)
Castuc Dungeon “normal and hardcore” (LV 118)
Wagnar's Castle (LV 82)
Arachhnoshima Dungeon (LV 67)
Lunar Altar (LV 63)
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Granny Smith Can you identify the monsters based on the part made visible by Pouki?

Simply use the first three letters of your answers to form the code, and redeem your prize at [link]

You have from now until the 12th of November at 4 PM GMT / 11 AM EST / 8 AM PST
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Granny Smith   The code is:
Juub What is this? ..and how do I get in?
I swear it wasn't here when rogue was a nuub
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Rezial Dexer   The quest that brings you to zinnit also requires you to do this once, its literally a pokemon based dungeon too... lol
Boogies   Jewbie newbie! j/k ^^
Juub   tut
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