Granny Smith From Saturday the 13th of February (0:01 AM server time) until Sunday the 14th of February (11:59 PM server time) enjoy +50% crafting xp and +50% combat xp from the following dungeons:

Ambassador’s Wing (Level 108)
Castuc Dungeon (Level 118)
Castuc Dungeon Hardcore (Level 118)
Black Wabbit Dungeon (Level 123)
Wa Wabbit’s Castle (Level 142)
Mecha Factory Dungeon (Level 157)
Mecha Factory Dungeon Hardcore (Level 157)
Kannibal Dungeon (Level 174)
Granny Smith   and the bebe dungeons:
Gobball Pastures (Level 20)
Celestial Prairies (Level 34)
Treechnid Dungeon (Level 47)
Dark Hurl Docks (Level 58)
The Cro-cave (Level 67)
Mussly Hammam (Level 88)
The YeCh’Ti’Wawa’s Kennel (Level 100)
Boogies [link]
Use up your tofus before it's too late!
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Granny Smith   Didn't realize I had a handful of tofus! Thank you for the reminder Boogie!
Granny Smith Enter code WAKFUNIVAL2016 at [link] for a Black Crow haven bag kit!
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Doctor Nefarious   Awesome! Thanks Granny!
Rady For Granny! I brought up a silly moment during my old Phaeris days and she wanted visual proof. Here it is!
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Rady Mochi, where can I get such a plant that breaks the rules of time and space?
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Bunbun   cawwot magic!
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  Someone has stolen cawwots from my kingdom!
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