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Granny Smith With my naked enu army, I will be unstoppable! 1nah4aV.gif
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kimmi   does this have anything to do with that lenald wok on your head :0
Rady   What even
Juub   Atleast we're exploiding the male body =D
me likey!!
Granny Smith Like 30 hours and eleventybillion stalag summons later... jUKFgcQ.png
Granny Smith Plate and I checked out the new Stalagmotel dungeon on beta! Boss looks super neat. u66Kyhn.png
Juub Kitten is the sun !!!
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Granny Smith Enter code J66X93PUECPO6PP8 for x3 Prospecting flasks! Hurry though, code expires at 4pm EST.
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