Rady Is there something I'm missing here?
EphimethiusWakfu Birthday event riddle today gives the chaos costume. log in and play!
Chompman Birthday event
Birthday event
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Chompman   As far as I can tell they didn't post the first riddle on the page so try the bottom left green box.
Leskya   its right next to the thingy at the top of the page, just under the Feb 23
Granny Smith   It does require that you have had a booster at some point this year. If you managed to grab a 3 day booster code last month that counts! and thank you for posting, chomp :sick:
platedcassava I ran this over like 300 times and gave up and spent 10mil on this amulet! and uni drops 2 in one run!
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Rady   Welp
Mocadeus   [link]
Juub   Uni is enu!
Chompman Enter: HAPPYSAINTBALLOTWINES at the wakfu code site for some bonus items.
Wakfu codes
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Granny Smith   candies! thank you chomp!
platedcassava Plated Pls
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Nerg   Plated pls
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