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Boogies +30% EXP WEEKEND!!
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Granny Smith   We'll do wisdom bonus both days then! Get all the levels!
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA[link] This game is too hard for meee
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Kewkky   You were earning 1 exp every 87 minutes. Seems efficient!
Granny Smith Back to Free site! Not so bad, if you have adblocker! Thanks to everyone who kept it Advanced all these years! Save your monies now!
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Kewkky   Sad times, no more chat window thingy.
Granny Smith Sabi said the new $5 starter pack is for accounts who have never subscribed, but that stipulation is not on the item page and as of this posting, it works for all accounts! It's a pretty great deal - 1 month booster (which is $5 alone), 1 30 day hero, 500 ogrines, a bow wow and random costume.
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Rezial Dexer   the costume part is a lie just fyi" they dont actually hand you the box
Granny Smith   Just learned we actually claim the box at [link] ! And, oddly, mine was a feather emote...not a costume. I aint even mad
Rezial Dexer   got it, mine was the justice butcher costume :p
Boogies Waah! Look at the screenshot used in this thread! [link]
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Granny Smith   Back when I was OP!
Revi   Aww lookit the baby Granny.
Boogies This new content won't be too relevant to most players I guess.... but... there will be a flying mount to obtain!
Link Description
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Revi   New Tofus concern all players.
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  Nope inky will rule them all.
Kewkky   If you get too close though, you'll shipwreck. Inb4 no one ever does the content because they can't get to it.
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In an effort to keep the guild active and accepting of new members, we removed many inactive (but much loved!) members from our ranks.  Please know that you will always have a home at RH should you return - just message any of us for an invite! Hope to see you all in game soon!