ProOk, last post sorry xD
ProFound it!


Such old times, haha Zent yah Narb!
ProOkay guys i have a Request to ask.

this happened when Zent was in Office,

So what i'm searching for on the forums @ Wakfu is an old post

When they did a surprise review about Amakna.

Reason why i'm asking this is because, at the time Zent had posted like a Speech about my Character and what i've been doing, and it ended up landing on the front page of Wakfu,

Thanks in advance

Woohp, guess we will have black spores after all!
ProDoes anyone play anymore? >.<

I mean i've recently re-gotten WAkfu but no one is ever online!

i log on, to see who's online but no one xD
LeskyaApril Fools posting done right..... [link]
Leskya   Added a new world boss: The Dominatrix. She harms only male players who have been very bad boys. This boss has a very rare chance to drop her intact outfit on death. Only equippable by female characters
Leskya   Found a bug in the chip cloning procedures, which explains the 200 Agent Smith's in game. We have no idea how to fix it. Can someone call Neo please?
Leskya   Added Achievement 'I subbed' to the game. This achievement is earnable only when a character is defeated and teabagged by a female wearing the Dominatrix outfit while wielding a whip.
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Called it. Silly Sabi.
Welcome to Amakna Village, Skypewind!
Welcome to Wakfu's Amakna Village, Michxl !
Welcome to AmaknaVillage, dragonkenz!
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