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Rady Remember the HC Vertox struggle for the Breath of Life? I do. I also remember what happened the day I discovered there was an old potion also named Breath of Life.
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Boogies   The best!
Revi   Wady so bad.
OkamiiIm the only one on! Whered everyone go!! Poor Okamii
Juub   ..blah's how it starts ...and then suddenly you realized that it's only been 4h during that week that someone else even been online ....
Juub   You guys should fix some type of 'status' system where it's informed like "Sparkly Berrie - I'm playing a bit more of consol games right now" .."Green Pantalones - I'm busy with school, will be more active in 2weeks" could be practical
Boogies   I doubt anyone would actually use it. Getting people to use the alt sign up list was like pulling nails. :p
Boogies [link]
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Granny Smith   SOoOo cute!! By the amazing Pip?
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  That picture Needs to be burnt!
Boogies   Yeah, it's by Pip! ^^
Boogies Granny pls....!
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Granny Smith   pixelate me like one of your french girls
Revi   I see butt. Granny so lewd. Gonna blame it on dementia?
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  I am calling polis
Boogies Bank is broken again. Someone dumped all their garbage in contrabandit, so can't make bank reset -_-
Granny Smith   Mina helped us fix it! Just had to repeatedly attempt to remove many, many items.
Boogies Fleaster Code: A17C1E7E20F5F24G17J9J15L6
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In an effort to keep the guild active and accepting of new members, we removed many inactive (but much loved!) members from our ranks.  Please know that you will always have a home at RH should you return - just message any of us for an invite! Hope to see you all in game soon!