MattMy Panda has developed a drinking problem

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Granny Smith You can once again pick up the Magmog Pack on Steam for half price! Through January 2nd.
Chompman   Nice but I got it from the previous sale.

Can grab it with a second steam account I guess after the holidays if I get some steam gift cards I guess. :sick:
Granny Smith Things and Stuff this weekend!

Enjoy a bonus of +50% of Combat , Prospection and Craft Experience from Saturday 13th (00:01) to Monday 15th (09:00)


Double Kamas and Crafting Experience Saturday the 13th (00:01 AM server time) to Monday the 15th (11:59 PM server time)
Granny Smith   These were separately announced events so tons of craft xp?! We'll see!
Granny Smith   NOPE the combat xp one is incorrect! The linkie I followed is from September. Shhhh. Just +kamas and craft xp this weekend!
Chompman Sigh... stock up on fear fizz all:

"Hey guys, to address this particular concern, Fear Fizz will no longer be tradeable come Tuesday.

• Mango "

That's their solution to people botting fear fizz.
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Boogies Rough google translation. [link]

Yugo, by using the 6 dofus Eliatropes (and particularly the Emerald, that of Yugo), has created the fragments/reflections of himself. The time of a moment, it was the equal of a God (hence the term Roi-Dieu ). What is called "relic of the Roi-Dieu" is none other than the Dofus Eliatrope Emerald (that we can see in the temple Eliotrope in place of the old Eliacube).
The Eliotropes are its reflections which, sent to the era of Dofus, are source of paradoxes without however prevent their existence: their sire will arise only much later. A curse the key, however: when a Eliotrope dies, nobody remembers him and he leaves no trace of its existence (since it is not supposed to exist).
Once the Eliacube of Yugo created, the Eliotropes (which the coup existed before their creator, Yugo, do Vienna in the world) are refugees inside to close the loop of the paradox while existing in the era of the Wakfu.
Le portail Eliotrope
Note : Le paragraphe suivant contient du spoil sur l'OAV 3 de Wakfu et sur l'histoire des Eliotropes à découvrir en jeu ! Le lire vous enlèvera le plaisir de le découvrir par vous ...
Granny Smith The Enutrof God statue in my haven bag started breathing smoke. Best placed graphics glitch ever! OR A SIGN!

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Boogies   This is the most amazing thing ever!
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