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Kewkky   created a new thread Rarehunters members, checking in as active! in the General Discussion forum
Kewkky Server and website are both down for me. If they're down for you too, then rest assured it's not your internet connection!
Revi So I got a code for 22 more Grougals. All they could 'find' in the game logs. So I got roughly 90 returned to me of the 255. Meh. I didn't expect much tbh.
Kewkky   Such a major setback. I don't even think it's possible to get that many anymore, considering the dwindling population compared to back in the day.

Would've been better if after they announced which Haven Worlds were getting repossessed, they would've given time to guilds so their members could take all the decorations with them, and the items from their guild bank.
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  The stuffed toy thing still exisists I think Go spend 500,000,000,000 kamas and get 6 times as many!
Revi So I have all the mats needed to open all 3 towers! (Something like 9000 mats, gg)
But when should I do this? Should I post in regular forums so I get feedback from whole community so we can get like a whole lot of people there? Message gov?
Buuuut I also work most evenings so I may require old lady assistance. (I dont wanna even do them myself, this is for guildies and community benefit).
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  You should take all the mats and build a castle and live there forever safe from the scary world.
Revi Im trying to be as fast as Kewk. Tho I gotta use 6 skills to do it. 1 turn lapse speed race!
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platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  You should try to be as slow as me! it's much harder!
Revi   We all can't be on your level Platertot.
Kewkky   [link]

2 secs.

Wish I could do it in 1 sec, but Ankama decided to change how damage works and nerf me.
Boogies +30% EXP WEEKEND!!
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Granny Smith   We'll do wisdom bonus both days then! Get all the levels!
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In an effort to keep the guild active and accepting of new members, we removed many inactive (but much loved!) members from our ranks.  Please know that you will always have a home at RH should you return - just message any of us for an invite! Hope to see you all in game soon!