Boogies FajneCycki has provided a list of all the upcoming Xelorium update items. Their stats could change between now and the update though. Check 'em out! [link]
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platedcassava   wtf is a xelorium
Juub All the random bugs today... So far...
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Granny Smith   our new guild mascot! nakey sram!
Juub   Dontknow how I missed it ...or why it didnt come up ...since I put a link ..and not just a picture ... but anyways, was more random stuff going on
You can see rest here: [link]
Boogies For Ritz
Link Description
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Boogies For Granny :3
HAPPY DOGS & CAT in AUSTRALIA - Pharrell Williams "HAPPY" so...
Views: 7,992,456 Inspired by Pharrell William's Internationa...
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platedcassava   Wheres the thumbs down button !
Maaka   added 30 Advanced days to Amakna
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platedcassava   Doom averted!
ChompmanCrossword time:

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Chompman   7 down is cybwork
8 across is glucosyrup
Chompman   4 across is shosanne
Chompman   Code is : uhtsurbc
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