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OkamiiIm the only one on! Whered everyone go!! Poor Okamii
Revi   A picture of you playing with yourself! So bad.
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  There is always a time early in the morning like that.
Okamii   Actually that was 11:40pm est time
Boogies [link]
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Granny Smith   SOoOo cute!! By the amazing Pip?
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  That picture Needs to be burnt!
Boogies   Yeah, it's by Pip! ^^
Boogies Granny pls....!
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Granny Smith   pixelate me like one of your french girls
Revi   I see butt. Granny so lewd. Gonna blame it on dementia?
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  I am calling polis
Boogies Bank is broken again. Someone dumped all their garbage in contrabandit, so can't make bank reset -_-
Granny Smith   Mina helped us fix it! Just had to repeatedly attempt to remove many, many items.
Boogies Fleaster Code: A17C1E7E20F5F24G17J9J15L6
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Granny Smith Beginning today, play 10 matches in Krosmaster and get a code for a Krosmaster costume. Looks cute! [link]
Granny Smith   I tried to play. The fights took 5ever. Maybe I'll skip this costume. Lol
Boogies   You can just drop white flag out of the fights and it'll still count!
Kewkky   Ohhh... I like Boogs' suggestion. XD
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In an effort to keep the guild active and accepting of new members, we removed many inactive (but much loved!) members from our ranks.  Please know that you will always have a home at RH should you return - just message any of us for an invite! Hope to see you all in game soon!