PeewpewHowdy everyone! I'm new to the guild and just wanted to say hello and let you know a little about me. I've been playing Wakfu for maybe 4 months now so I know little to none about the game, at least in later levels, but really love it and love this guild! Thanks for having me! I'm on quite often as I'm able to play while at work from time to time but that also means I can get distracted there when it gets busy. So if I'm online the best way to get in touch if I don't respond, is with a whisper. I'm always down to grind out some dungeons and I'm happy to help with whatever I can, so feel free to ask! I'm working on all my professions and and if you need anything let me know and we'll see what we can do. I'm currently at
100 Herbalist 94 Leather Worker
85 Lumber 90 Handyman
60 Mining 61 Baker
60 Farmer 28 Chef
10 Fisher
80 Trapper

Again thanks everyone for the awesome environment and a special thanks to Granny Smith for the invite, awesome guild, personality and helping hand! Party on!
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Peewpew   Oh and Tailor 20
Granny Smith   Yay, peew! Happy to have you :sick:
platedcassava   added 30 Advanced days to Amakna
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platedcassava   Thats the last 30 days Im going to buy ! so sorry!
Granny Smith   you bought too many!! but all were appreciated. thank you plate!
GreedyTheMerchantWooo finally got some cowbell in here!!
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Granny SmithGrab your free 7 Day Booster Pack code while keys last! Thanks to Arini for the info!
Wakfu Booster Pack Giveaway Promo Codes
Instructions:Ankama, publisher of Wakfu in collaboration with FreeMMORPGlist.Com , MMOReviews.Com and F2P.Com offering Free 7 Days Booster Pack Giveaway for Wakfu for the NA Ankama...
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Chompman   Doesn't work for me either.

Wonder if the last 7 days one makes it a one time offer as that one worked.
Pixie   only seems to work for remington
Granny Smith   Thanks for the info everyone!
Granny SmithStarting Saturday 4th (00:01 AM server time) until Sunday, October 5th (11:59 PM), you will be able to enjoy a bonus of +50% Combat XP and +100% Kamas in all the dungeons of the World of Twelve’s islands:

Wild Estate
Chillberg Island
Wabbit Island
Shhhudoku's Kingdom
Ga Ga Island
Sadida Kingdom
Monk Island
Calamar Island
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LeskyaFor Boogs....
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