Revi Elle! There isn't an air one for some reason. Leave it to Ankama to mess it up.
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platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  The picture doesn't load for mee! i'll neve rknow what there isn't air of.
Kewkky   Lol

Air is for squares!
Revi   Mul-ti-pass?
Kewkky So yesterday for the first time in a while we had a full party for a dungeon with individual people and 0 heroes. We also had two parties running dungeons simultaneously.

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platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  Lies! uni was online he alone is 8 people!
Kewkky   Uni wasn't in that HC Sram party at first, though. And after that he left and joined our Kanniball run. :p
Rezial Dexerfriend of mine tried to play again just a lil... lol he can't play he's got horrible framerate problems, and it closes itself giving him a wakfu did not shutdown correctly error lol...
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  I've heard Windows 10 isn't that bad.
Kewkky   I think it's because of Windows 10's Anniversary Edition. He should roll it back.

I have Win10 as well and that update messed my PC up bad. I had to downgrade to the previous version.
Rezial Dexer   the coupla updates that happened since fixed his game! Huraah!!
InkyI saw they updated Astrub. Ankama is still doing awesome updates huh? I think they can get another revamp of Incarnam done by the end of the year.
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Kewkky   Exactly what everyone else's reaction was lol

Although, this one was a good Astrub update
Rezial DexerAnyone else see that news post?..... plez.... dont start working on pvp... no..
Kewkky   Yeah we saw it. It's inevitable, the current system sucks and PvP is an integral part of the game. They can't just neglect it if they want to turn this game around.
platedcassava CASSAVAAAAAA  They aren't gonna turn it around!
Revi This is the new Bubbling Cauldron deco (in the al howin machine).
An animated deco!
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Revi   I melted my gkc cause rings are useless.
Granny Smith   wat! must get
Revi   There are a few other new decos but I dont want to use my tokens on them yet. I'll get them when the event is released.
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