Nerg These mobs are tired of me killing them, they don't want to die!
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Granny Smith This weekend enjoy +50% Crafting XP and +50% Combat/Kamas at the following dungeons:

Jelly Dungeon (Level 100)
The Frozen Tower (Level 113)
Black Wabbit Dungeon (Level 123)
Wabbit Dungeon (Level 133)
Srambad Dungeon [and Hardcore] (Level 142)
Enurado Dungeon [and Hardcore] (Level 147)
Mecha Factory Dungeon [and Hardcore] (Level 157)
Ow El Dungeon [and Hardcore] (Level 162)
Granny Smith   and the under lvl 100 dungeons:

Morbax Neplopolis (Level 32)
Dirty Trouffe Estate (Level 43)
The Cro-Cave (Level 67)
Temple of the Grand Orrok (Level 72)
Abandoned Workshop (Level 75)
Wagnar’s Castle (Level 82)
Boogies [link]
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Boogies   Looks like Xa removed it. I guess he spilled the beans a little too early. Said that Ankama had a deal with Netflix for season 3 :sick:
platedcassava   added 30 Advanced days to Amakna
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Granny Smith   Nooooo
Rady When your avatar does this, nothing else matters.
10000/10 best animation.
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Revi   Cheesin it.
Rady Those are some nicely placed tiles..
Revi   Rady pls. Do the daily!
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