Leskyalittle mini game on wakfu fb page, vampyrobworkblimpratvictusborbat gets ya a stuffed borbat on the codes thing, might get somethin else though...
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Revi   Friend of yours make them?
platedcassava   Nope she just found them.
Boogies   I spy with my little eye...!
platedcassava   created a new thread Silly Beta Stuffs! in the General Discussion forum
Granny Smith From Saturday the 13th of June (0:01 AM server time) until Sunday the 14th of June (11:59 PM server time) stalwart adventurers will earn +50% Kamas, Combat (in the dungeons listed below) and Crafting XP on Nox, Remington, Phaeris and Amara.

Yech'ti'Wawa's Kennel (Level 100)
Ambassador's Wing (Level 108)
Castuc Dungeon (Level 118)
Blackspore Dungeon (Level 128)
Wabbit Dungeon (Level 133)
Srambad Dungeon (Level 142)
Enurado Dungeon (Level 147)
Mecha Factory Dungeon (Level 157)
Ow El Dungeon (Level 162)
Granny Smith   Hardcore included!

and the under lvl 100 dungeons:

Celestial Prairies (Level 34)
Dirty Trouffe Estate (Level 43)
Dark Hurl Docks (Level 58)
Lunar Altar (Level 63)
Temple of the Grand Orrok (Level 72)
Mussly Hammam (Level 88)
Dancehall Arena (Level 92)
Granny Smith Sabi's response to someone asking when there would be another crafting bonus weekend:
I smell a bonus weekend coming your way but I cannot spoil the date, so stay tuned!
Start preparing those mats!
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Revi   *raids bonta*
Leskyabecause apparently i have the mind of a middle schooler...... i couldn't stop laughing at this for several hours....
platedcassava   I didn't have a mind like that when I was middle schooler age.
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